Interview With Robots: Chapter One

Arthur Shannon: Hello world this is Arthur Shannon with BMG television, today is a special week as we dive into the world and personalities of great men, excuse me, great beings today. These individuals share only two traits, they are widely successful in their fields and more importantly, or to some less importantly, they're robots. … Continue reading Interview With Robots: Chapter One


 The love of conspiracy

November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy was shot.  The amount of alternative stories pertaining to his murder has never stopped increasing. July 20, 1969, Apollo landed on the Moon. On YouTube you can watch multiple hour-long videos on exactly why the landing was a government cover up and never actually happened. Today, there is a … Continue reading  The love of conspiracy

Meme magic: the dream of viral marketing.

    With people browsing the web using increasingly smaller screens, such as laptop and phones, combined with the rise of ad-blocking tools such as Adblock and Noscript, the power of traditional Internet ads are being questioned, leaving many promoters looking for new avenues to market their products and services. Today, there is a new … Continue reading Meme magic: the dream of viral marketing.

Examining The Trope Of Crime Fighting

He's surrounded. Late night in a dark rat-infested alleyway armed goons close in on a poor old man. Comments, jokes and, demands are made by the goons, while the man mutters his final words. Suddenly, a masked individual swoops down; Utilizing martial arts, magic, superpowers or a combination of all them, the masked vigilante defeats … Continue reading Examining The Trope Of Crime Fighting